Is your WordPress site redirect to another URL?

Your WordPress site and admin panel/dashboard redirect to another unknown URL then it is hacked and affected with trojan malware.

How WordPress website get hacked? 

  • Poor passwords and compromised user accounts
  • XSS scripting attacks
  • backdoors in nulled themes and plugins
  • vulnerabilities in plugins and themes

How to prevent WordPress redirect hacks? 

  • Install security plugin
  • Use strong passwords on website and database
  • SSL certificates apply to the website
  • Use trusted plugins only

How to resolve redirection to another URL? 

  • run the malware scan on your server. For Linux, the EST endpoint is a good one. Remove virus/malware from the server.
  • Remove all comments from unknown users/spam
  • Check the WP_Options table. Remove all the records which not added by WordPress by default and you. Also, correct the URLs in the “home” and “site” records.
  • Also,, check that any plugins installed that you don’t recognize, remove it. Check the header and footer file and if find any unknown script / malicious script remove it.

Every day the redirects malware coming with a new Avtar. So, the best way is to install a good security plugin and installed only trusted plugins for the website.