Adding jQuery to your Page
jQuery is a client script library and so you have to add a script reference to your page. You can download the latest version of jQuery from the jQuery site at

Here are many ways that you can include jQuery into your page:

1. Reference a local copy via tag in the page
2. Reference a local copy with ScriptManager
3. Embed script from Resource using the ClientScript object
4. Reference a remote copy from or Google Ajax API

Getting started with Selectors
You can select a single element:
$(“#gdEntries”).css(“border”, “solid 1px navy”);

Or select by class (.):
$(“.gridalternate”).css(“background”, “lightsteelblue “);

or from a couple of classes (, like in CSS separates multiple selectors):
$(“.gridrow,.gridalternate”).attr(“tag”, “row”);

You can also select elements (plain element) and apply filters to the elements. The following selects all buttons in a document and attaches a click handler:

$(“input:button “).click(function(event) { alert(“clicked”); });

A more complex example might select all rows in a table:
$(“#gdEntries>tbody>tr”).css(“border”, “solid 1px red”);

Refer this link: