Send free SMS API

Required Params : uid, pwd, phone, msg.

uid : your userid for the required sms provider
pwd : your password for the required sms provider
provider : way2sms(default), fullonsms, smsindia, whozzat, smsinside, site2sms. if you do not specify any provider, way2sms will be used by default.
phone : phone number whom you want to send sms. seperate multiple phone numbers with a comma (,)
msg : your sms message, unlimited chars. will be sent as multiple msgs if crosses the message length for any provider

Optional Parameters
codes : 1. Send this if you require a user friendly msg from the server. for example, if codes=1 is not provided the server will return the result as an integer.
1 – SMS sent
-1 – Server Error
-2 – Invalid Username
-3 – Invalid message text
-4 – Login Failed
-5 – IP Blocked